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Save up to 30% on your purchasing costs*

The user-friendly, intuitive, reverse auction tool
*Customers have saved up to 30% on their purchasing spend using the Purchasing Auctions platform over the past 4 years

Easy as 1, 2, 3... Build your Reverse Auction in 3 easy steps

Purchaser sets up their Auction Requirements

Purchaser sets up Auction Parameters

Our web-based software facilitates the simplified uploading and wider distribution of the purchaser's requirements. The auction criteria are then set via intuitive interfaces that permit selection of start date and time, duration of the auction and the suppliers to be invited.

Bids are placed in Real Time

Bids are placed in Real Time

Once the auction goes live, suppliers are able to bid in real time. The auction event is transparent, quickly concluded and delivers a complete audit trail within a secure and neutral environment. The emotion and negotiating hassle is taken out of the equation and invariably the price realised is the most competitive available. Suppliers are encouraged to offer their lowest cost whilst retaining their commitment to meeting the buyer's specification.

Purchaser chooses the most Appropriate Supplier

Purchaser chooses the most Appropriate Supplier

The buyer has total control of the selection process and is at liberty to award the contract to the supplier of their choice, secure in the knowledge that the price has been established at auction. An assessment of performance criteria such as: reliability, value for money, quality, capacity and service will determine the outcome. Significant cost reductions in excess of 20% have been routinely achieved at auction across a variety of goods and services.

The PA Platform in Action!

Got a minute? Have a quick peek at the reverse auction tool interface and see how easy it is to configure and set up an auction. Witness the clarity of presentation and the transparent nature of the bidding process. Marvel at the ergonomic layout which places all the information you need quite literally at your fingertips!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Online Purchasing Auctions

Affordable Online Purchasing Auctions

Whether you're buying or selling, Purchasing Auctions gives you access to new opportunities to help you grow and expand your business. The Purchasing Auctions website focuses exclusively on the cloud-based hosting of reverse auctions for procurement and our objective has always been to keep the entire process as simple and intuitive as possible. This allows the auction process to be managed by any Purchaser or Consultant and makes the system more affordable - and more accessible - as an everyday procurement tool.

Live auctions

Effective Auction Management & Control

The Purchasing Auctions system is packed with features designed to make the entire process from start to finish as simple, transparent and as functional as possible. These features place both the buyer and supplier in complete control of their offers and allow real-time management of their bids and the opportunity to view the auction as it progresses through time. The Purchasing Auctions system was designed by a team of procurement professionals and this team will be on hand to answer any queries or assist new users through the process should support be required.

Live auctions

Professional Back Office Support

Purchasing Auctions is run by a friendly, helpful team and we have a passionate collective pride in the tool that we have designed and how best to deliver it to our clients. Our aim is to develop win-win situations where both buyers and suppliers are rewarded and outcomes are delivered in an efficient and effective manner. Our joint expertise across the Reverse Auction sector, benchmarking, cost reduction and the relevant IT applications guarantees you access to the very best support when you need it most.

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